About Us

We rented out our house in Northern VA/DC area and downsized like crazy. We put all of our worldly belongings in storage and headed to Florida to stay with family while we figured out how to make a move to South America. We were in search of a laid-back lifestyle with financial freedom and lots of happy times for our family of 5 and a pup. We wanted and still want our kids to know other cultures and appreciate different ways of life. South America didn't work out. Enter what turned into our Plan B: We bought an RV and are traveling the country (the US, that is)! Meet our family below and be sure to join us on our adventure!

  Our Familia 

The Mama: Paige

I'm the dreamer. I've wanted to save the world and make it a better place since I was in high school and following a trip to South Africa after Nelson Mandela came into power. I applied to the Peace Corps after college, didn't get in and they told me to re-apply in 6 months. I subsequently got in a serious relationship quickly, got preggers and my life started going in another direction (not even 6 months later). I'm a firm believer in things happen for a reason but it was crazaaaay timing. I have now developed my event planning skills. In college I planned countless volunteer events and loved it. I had my own event planning business, worked at Smithsonian and Lisner Auditorium in DC and then got a job at Topgolf in Alexandria. Early 2016- that job ended and a new adventure begins. Let's make it happen!

The Daddy: Edson

So this is my interpretation of the hubs. Let's hope he agrees. E is the conservative and practical one. He is more introverted unless you know him. He makes me laugh often and he does it quietly, which I love. He's an amazing man and just wants me to be happy. He's glad the Peace Corps thing didn't happen-- he was my meant to be. He's a great Daddio and LOVES his kiddos. He keeps me grounded as I'm the hot-headed one and he is a calm person. We are pretty much opposites. But you know what they say about that!

Kiddo: Niko

Niko is 11. He is a wanderer. He is super smart. He gets into something and can't even hear you when you speak to him. I subsequently repeat myself over and over again with him and I lose my mind often. He loves dogs and pretty much completely takes care of our dog, Cola. Niko was such a self- esteem booster. He is the one who told me every day all day how pretty I was and would say his 'spiel' at bed time or every time I left. "I love you mommy, infinitely, ever and ever. I love you, you look so pretty." I miss it so much as that stopped a few years ago. This kid is hilarious. I swear he could be an actor. He wants to play football but I think he needs to drop that and go into acting. He's a little Jim Carrey. We also tell him regularly he should be a lawyer. He argues every point ALWAYS.

Kiddo: Reno

Reno is 9. He's grown up so fast. He was my little baby for so long that it's so hard for me to see him being so big. He's our creative guy. He loves math, reading mysteries and football. I've often found him drawing something, or doing math problems in bed or making up football plays. He is our junk food junkie, too. He's the kid that made the lunch ladies think he didn't have any money in kindergarten so they'd give him free breakfast. So he ate 2 breakfasts every day! It was those pretty eyes and cute face that did it! He's got quite an attitude but he's also very thoughtful, caring and worries too much. 

Kiddo: Cayenne

Cayenne is 2. She is sooo loved it's insane. Niko and Reno are her biggest fans. They shower her with love and she returns it. She always hugs them and gives them kisses and says "I lub you". She already has quite a silly personality. She is super expressive and has told a shampoo bottle that she lubs it just to be funny. She loves shaking her booty, puppies and being with mama.

The Pup: Cola

Cola is a 3 year old pup. He was left as a tiny puppy in a box at a shelter in Tennessee. I wanted his sister in an attempt to balance out the boy-heavy household but she had already been adopted. He arrived in Northern VA and we surprised the boys and they were immediately in love. We got him before we knew we were having a 3rd kid! 


  1. Hiiii! Your Mom forwarded your blog (as we're not fb'ers) and so glad she did. We totally get it. We've often spoke of moving out of the country when we retire. We'll follow your journey and keep our fingers crossed that all the pieces will come together to lead you on your amazing life trip. We love you, Edson and the lil cutie pies to pieces. XOXOXOX Troy & Patti

    1. Thank you for reading! Hope you are still reading as there is way more to come as we figure out this crazy thing called life (with 3 kids and a dog) ;). Love you! xoxox