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Coming soon! Work in Progress...

Everywhere we go on this big adventure we are constantly looking for things to do as a family and things that are geared towards kids. We also have a couple other big items we consider when planning: cost and whether or not it's appealing to us. Grown-ups gotta have fun, too!

I've searched on tripadvisor, yelp, blogs, local newspapers, libraries and more. Ultimately, we end up doing our own thing based on the research from the countless avenues I've referred to. My thought process: why don't I put together family travel guides for each of the places we go? That way I can help others avoid scouring the internet for hours and provide you a more straight-forward approach to FUN together as a family. My time and research turns into your immediate fun. You can thank me later. :)

But really, I hope this helps you! Happy Travels! 

(Note: this isn't a redo of the blog posts I've already done. These family travel guides will be our top picks for each area with some pictures of each to know what you should look for when visiting.)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Austin, Texas

Bandelier National Monument

Big Bend National Park/State Park

Carlsbad, New Mexico

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tallahassee, Florida

Taos, New Mexico

Valles Caldera

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