June 4, 2017

Santa Monica & Venice Beach

One of our first stops in LA was Venice Beach/Santa Monica area. First, we hung out on the beach and the kids played. We saw a ton of LA beach bodies pumping ze iron. Ok, not pumping iron but there were muscles bulging and men and women in tiny bathing suits.

We headed to the pier and the kids were dying to head over to the amusement park. We aren't awful people but if we let our kids go to every amusement park or arcade we came across we'd go broke. That being said, living this lifestyle we've found that we just have to let them go, but within reason. Each kid got to pick two rides and they were totally happy with that! 

Cayenne on the other hand always gets excited about going on rides but does NOT like them at all. The two rides she chose she had to ask the operator to stop. It wasn't a crying kind of thing. It was more of a 'I look like I'm going into panic mode because this ride is making my stomach go in my throat kind of thing'. She just said a few times as the ride came around, "Excuse me, excuse me! Can you please stop?!" Of course, in the cutest 2 year old voice. 

The boys challenged Edson to get to the top of the rope. He did it!

Cayenne is really into music. She saw a boat like structure on the pier and had to get on it to sing a Moana song. Then we stopped on the pier to listen to a musician play and this was her toe-tapping. 

As soon as this thing went up-- Cayenne's face smile turned upside down.

So much to see and do in LA! 


  1. I love it when you post a lot. When I see an email from you, I first have to get a glass of wine and then sit down to enjoy reading the post. So more posts -- more wine.