February 4, 2017

Flagstaff, Arizona

We left Tucson and headed for Flagstaff, Arizona. It was a sad departure but we explained to the boys that we still have a LOT to see and many more adventures to be had.

Let me just start out with saying it was SO cold in Flagstaff. E banned all type of cold-weather RV-ing after that trip. It was slippery, wet, cold and just icky for the guy who hooks up everything. Thank you, babe! We couldn't even keep our hoses hooked up because they would freeze. We instead had to fill up our tanks and empty them during the day and then put them away when finished. Again, time consuming and hand-numbing for the guy who stands outside for the 30 or so minutes it takes to do all that business.

Flagstaff seemed nice. We played in the snow, explored the downtown area, went to the visitor center/old train station, hit up Mother Road brewery (do you see a theme?) on Route 66 and really used it as a central stopping ground. We, in our whirlwind visit of 4 days took day trips to Page, Sedona and the Grand Canyon. We explored Flagstaff in what little downtime we had which typically meant in the evening if we got back before dark. It was exhausting but we were taking advantage of E having a week off. Truth be told, we weren't really able to get a true feel of Flagstaff because A. it was SO cold and B. we didn't spend enough time getting to know the people and the city.

Here are some pics:

Playground fun at the RV park

Snowball mid-air. WOOHOO!

How E can tell if the beer is good-- I take a sip and my face looks like the above

More snow play-- C and R were so pumped to make this snowman

She LOVES the snowman. 

Before we left Flagstaff. She really was upset to leave him. Love this sweet girl!

We ended up having to leave Flagstaff a day early because a snowstorm was a-comin'. We peaced out and drove off that 'mountain' as fast as possible. We did not want to get stuck in the nastiness. No, thank you! We were headed to Vegas for New Years!


  1. Loving these pics.
    Little Miss snow bunny is too cute !!

    1. Thanks, Meggan! I think our snow bunny is pretty cute, too!

  2. Man who would thought how much work in the winter with the RV. I can see baby C loves the snow. Did you guys name him Olaf? Love you guys!

    1. She didn't name him Olaf-- I was pretty surprised! Maybe he needed a bigger nose. ;)

      And winter in an RV isn't fun. I can't believe how many people winter in RVs/trailers and such. I'm sure they just get used to dealing with it. Definitely not our thing.

      Love you!!!