February 17, 2017


Our Little Miss calls Sedona, SEDONUT and it stuck. I don't know if I'll ever call it Sedona again. I think she was secretly hoping it was a town full of pink donuts.

That being said. I really realllllly like Sedona. I mean it is completely breathtaking just driving in. Then, you stop at the visitor center and are greeted by the nicest volunteers EVER who give you the run down of Sedonut. What a gorgeous place! It just screams BE OUTDOORS, BE ONE WITH NATURE!

It was the first place that E and I were both like, Hmmm... we could do this (referring to a place to live). We could actually see ourselves living in this beauty, partaking in every outdoor activity imaginable and just being in nature. I'm sure E wouldn't describe it that way but that was my take on the idea of living there.

Take a look for yourself:

1. As I mentioned, we stopped at the Visitor Center. Well worth the stop. The volunteer rangers there were over-the-top nice and full of advice and tips and incredibly helpful. It was pretty much our first glimpse of Sedona as it was on the main road we took driving in so we were in awe. The Little Miss wasn't so excited about the view but shrieked and giggled (she has a combo she does when excited) when she saw the javelina statues and Smokey the bear.

2. We hiked Bell Rock. It was a perfect family hike. There are a ton to choose from but we took the advice from those at the visitor center and went here first. Loved every minute of it and our kids didn't complain ONCE. Score on all fronts. Little Miss started to get tired-- you'll notice her sucking her thumb and playing with my ear.

There are so many hiking/biking trails in Sedona and I had one more I wanted to hit up. We just didn't have time. Devil's Bridge Trail, I'll see you next time.

Always playing!

There's the bell (behind us) and Reno's "the sun is in my eyes!" face

3. Chapel of the Holy Cross- In one word: Amazing. To drive up and see the image of this church carved into the rock is like.... WHOA! We parked and walked up the hill to just get a glimpse inside and take in the views.

Probably my favorite shot of the whole day. I think this cactus is so cool and with the red rocks in the background. OH YEAH!

4. Airport Mesa- Who wouldn't love going to this airport? The views driving up are even breathtaking. This was a quick get out of the car take a few shots because doing Sedona in a day was clearly challenging.

5. Red Rock Scenic Byway- No pics here folks as I was too amazed by... you guessed it: the Red Rocks. It was serene. Quite honestly, the drive to/from Sedona from Flagstaff was just awesome. Our GPS took us a different way to and fro and I'm grateful it did. The way there was a glimpse of the red rocks and the way out was a curvy mountainous road with cabins, creeks and all sorts of neat places. 

I would LOVE to go back to Sedonut. Shoulda coulda woulda stayed longer. Definitely marking this on the list of must-go back places. It's time to head to Vegas! Look for three posts next week all about it! 


  1. The flower and rocks picture was the best. You have your mothers eye for composition.

  2. Didn't I tell you it was a super place?!

    1. Is this your nice way of saying I TOLD YOU SO?! :)