August 22, 2016

We did it!!!

Yes, that's right folks. We bought an RV. We picked it up yesterday. All of us flew to Grand Rapids, Michigan, took a taxi to the RV dealership and saw our new home for the first time. We have yet to name her (as you know that is definitely going to happen) but she's a big beauty.

We landed on a Forest River Georgetown 364TS. It was the only clear choice for us. It has 2 bathrooms, a king bed, bunk beds and a overhead bunk above the driver/passenger seat. Our big requirements were 2 toilets and the bunks for the kids. We realize the 2 toilets is extravagant but we've lived with only 2 toilets in the house before and it was NOT pretty so less than that would be downright catastrophic. We also realized that we'd be potty training Cayenne during this adventure, too. As for the bunks, it was simple. We didn't want the kids to have to fold up their beds every day. We wanted them to feel like they had their own space (even if it is tiny).

We spent a few hours signing papers and scouring the RV from head to toe with the technician so he could show us everything. The outside was Edson's domain. I attempted to hold a sleeping Cayenne and pay attention but all the talk about the gray water, black water, this pump and that was too much for me. The inside was also Edson's domain when it came to all the tech-y stuff. I was mostly interested in asking about drilling holes in the walls to hang decorative stuff. Thank goodness for Edson. He has single-handedly figured out how to run this entire RV on his own. Of course, with some help from youtube.

We stopped off at Wal-Mart to load up on all the essentials and then headed to the campground that the RV place paid for and settled in for the night. We laughed a lot on the way to our site. Never would I ever have thought we'd be in this thing and in this predicament almost 15 years ago when Edson and I met. It is hilarious thinking about it honestly.

Edson driving this humongasaurus

Hidden Ridge RV Resort in Grand Rapids (our first overnight stay)
Edson and I slept better than we have in a while. The ups and downs of trying to make this all work is daunting so finally having one piece of the puzzle was a really nice feeling. We left this morning after going through a checklist: put in slides, put up leveling thingys, dump gray water, fill fresh water, put everything that can fly across the room in something else that won't, etc. One thing we forgot? To hook the refrigerator door closed. Oops! Stuff went flying but nothing broke and hopefully we learned our lesson.

We are driving back to Florida to fill this bad boy up with our stuff. We are giving ourselves a couple weeks to do so and then we are Peacin' Out :). Our first stop is a Harvest Hosts location in Martinsville, Indiana as we take baby steps to get back. Super excited about this spot as it's the best of both worlds for Edson and I: a winery and a brewery. CHA-CHING! It's called Cedar Creek Winery & Brew Co. Check it out HERE.

Our itinerary for this week:
  • Start: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Martinsville, Indiana by way of Indianapolis
  • Tazewell/Townsend, Tennessee by way of Louisville, KY
  • Sparks, GA (another Harvest Hosts spot)
  • End: Then we end up in Jupiter, FL to park for a couple weeks
I will inevitably have a ton to write about so stay tuned for lots of fun pics and stories. I'm sure there will be A LOT. 


  1. You all look so Happy! Very excited for your adventure! Tell E he needs a signature hat while he drives that monster.

  2. Love it! I am so glad you guys are happy and having fun! But I miss you!!

  3. Ahhhhhhh this is so exciting! Love being able to follow your dream adventure.

    1. Thanks, Amanda Brown! We love that you are following us!

  4. Dear Page!
    I meant to write for a long time and life look over... As always: )
    Just want to congratulate you and Edson for wonderful, exciting, and juicy delicision. How courageous! I'm sure you have so many stories by now, I hope I will be able to hear sometime.
    I'm following you guys on your journey!
    Say hi to the troop!