November 27, 2018

Oregon Garden

It is extremely rare that I get to spend time alone with one of my children. When I mean spend time alone I mean actually doing something fun, not grocery shopping. So when we asked the boys if they wanted to go to Oregon Garden with us they gave us a look of pure disgust and we decided we'd make a girls day of it. It was lovely. This deserves it's own post as I want our little miss to have a record of the special times we spent together. I basically want this to serve as proof that I did more with her as a toddler than just run errands. HA!

November 18, 2018

Waterfalls of Oregon

Oregon is known for their waterfalls. I had no idea until I started my research on things to do/places to see and quickly my list of must-see attractions included A TON of waterfalls. I'm sure I've seen waterfalls before, but not like these. 

November 7, 2018

We're Alive!

No, we didn't die. We just got caught up with living life on the road and I decided to embrace it instead of stress over how far behind I was on blogging our experiences. Here we are now: we bought a house in Stuart, Florida and The Big Beast was parked out front for 6 months taking up our entire driveway and we just sold it. Needless to say A LOT has happened since I last wrote.