November 7, 2018

We're Alive!

No, we didn't die. We just got caught up with living life on the road and I decided to embrace it instead of stress over how far behind I was on blogging our experiences. Here we are now: we bought a house in Stuart, Florida and The Big Beast was parked out front for 6 months taking up our entire driveway and we just sold it. Needless to say A LOT has happened since I last wrote.

After many discussions we decided to end our journey 14 months into it. Our kids were fighting homeschool (and me, for that matter!) big time and they were missing a sense of community. Friends, sports, school and all that comes along with growing and living in a neighborhood was something they were quite literally craving. When Edson and I were honest with ourselves we decided we missed it, too. I didn't miss carting kids all over the planet but that comes with the territory, right?! We also knew that we'd get bored staying in one place. Now that we are settled in our house I can absolutely see how I've been keeping that feeling at bay by staying busy planning things (my best friend's vow renewal, a Cinco de Mayo bash, birthday parties, taking kids to/from activities, soccer games/baseball games and just dealing with being back in a brick and mortar school). We have family and very close friends nearby, too so it's been a different experience living in Florida. 

All that being said I have tons to catch you up on and tens of thousands of pictures to share. We will be starting right where we left off so keep an eye on your inbox!

For now, we wanted to share some pictures of our house. It's a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 1500 sq.ft. house with a pool, a yard and a treehouse. SOLD! Our realtor saw it and immediately thought of us as it checked all the boxes (for us at least). Niko, on the other hand wanted a 4th bedroom. Oh well! The house was built in 1977 but was remodeled almost entirely a couple years ago. So all we had to do  was put our personal touches on the place and voila! Home sweet home.

The Foyer

Living Room

The bar and a tribute to our travels

The kitchen and dining room

My mom's amazing artwork!

My view when doing dishes- the pool and the treehouse

My favorite piece of furniture EVER!

Another corner showing our travels: some of our favorite photos

The boys room: complete with the map showing all of our travels

The boys desk

More of the boys room

Cayenne's Room

More of our girls room

Our Room

Our Room/ Edson's Office

Hope you enjoyed taking a step into our new-ish home and I hope you are looking forward to hearing about the rest of our adventures! 


  1. Glad you're alive!
    Beautiful home!
    Cant wait to see and read more....miss you!💞

  2. Yeah!!! I missed seeing these posts on my inbox for sure!!! The house is BEAUTIFUL!!! Welcome back mama!