August 25, 2017

Crater Lake

Ehhhh, who wants to see another lake?! I wasn't too thrilled to be honest, but it seemed like a good stopping point on our way to Portland. I obviously hadn't seen the images of Crater Lake and all its beauty before we arrived.
That's one thing about the US of A, it surprises me often. There are places that are so unexpectedly beautiful. Crater Lake was breathtaking. You drive up and see buildings almost entirely covered in snow. Our kids were ecstatic! All they wanted to do was run up to the top. My mommy-brain could only think of them falling through the snow (I know, stop worrying!) so I tried to let them play up there briefly. We went to the visitor center, as we always do in National Parks to get junior ranger books and get the ins and outs from park rangers but then headed up to see THE LAKE.

As we continued to go higher in elevation all we could see was a ridge of snow. We parked the car and walked up the ridge and were taken aback by the serene untouched beauty that is Crater Lake. The white snow, the still dark blue water and just the peacefulness of it all. That is, it was peaceful until the Cortes Crew came along with 3 rambunctious kids. 

A post-Crater Lake treat. Nothing like ice cream and root beer floats to warm us up. HA!

Crater Lake was beautiful and serene. It was still May and the snow made it just picture-perfect. We've had an insanely busy summer as we've been on the road non-stop going from one place to another. It's been a wild ride, but doesn't leave much time for posting. I'll update as I can and hope you'll join me on all of our adventures. The best way to see real-time photos and locations is to follow us on instagram @peacin.out. 

Safe travels!

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