July 25, 2017


The Redwoods are so incredible. They were huge, but it was actually hard to really fully visualize because they were so tall we couldn't even see the tops in most areas. The Redwood National and State Parks were unlike any other National Park we've been. There isn't an entrance gate or really any entrance at all. The national park is made up of state parks and it is a string of protected forests, beaches and grasslands. 

Our favorites were the Jedidiah Smith State Park and the Trees of Mystery. I particularly enjoyed just exploring the campground (the Redwoods KOA) as it was full of banana slugs and puddles to stomp in. 

This one is best shown through pictures:  

Hiking through the Redwoods was great-- the kids could climb and run and play around the massive trees. 

Someone passed out!

Reno jumped down here with his backpack and went to town-- he was all about collecting samples and doing his scientific thing

Ferns were everywhere!

This is an octopus tree-- when one tree falls and dies another starts growing and roots spread over it

Exploring with Reno

The tiny little redwood cones-- where it all begins!

That time we got lost in the Redwoods. We quite literally got lost after asking the one other passerby which way to go. Luckily, our wrong turn took us to a road and from there we figured out how to get back to our car. It was hilarious! At least to everyone accept Reno. It just made him nervous.

The Trees of Mystery Tour: It was a lovely walk to the tram that took us through the trees and up to a lookout point. Cayenne especially enjoyed it and giggled all the way. They had a couple icons at the front entrance Babe and Paul Bunyan.


The Tour Thru Tree was a bit lacking as they can totally do more with this place, but it's a good stop on your way to the Redwoods for a few photos.

No idea why, but I just didn't picture beaches when I thought of the Redwoods. All I could think of was the trees. Nonetheless it was fun to spend some time on the beach and the kids enjoyed the forts and I realized that I apparently have some little marketing professionals on my side. 

Reno writing peacinout.com in the sand

The fort they built
We stayed at a nice KOA in Crescent City complete with goats, a playground, a clean laundry room, an activity room, wildlife at the back door and lush green grounds in the empty tent-sites.

A heard of elk passing by

We counted 21 banana slugs while exploring the campground

I took Cayenne out one day and just had so much fun just taking pics with her!
Next stop Crater Lake!


  1. Those trees are really something!!!! They are massive:-) wonderful pics!