June 6, 2017

The Flower Fields

Carlsbad is closer to San Diego but the Flower Fields hadn't yet opened for the season while we were in town. I was willing to back track for these flowers. 

I imagined it to be out in the country and it is literally right off the highway and behind a gas station. Whaaaa?? I doubted it's greatness and authenticity when I saw that but boy was I wrong. 

There were flowers everywhere. The majority of them are ranunculus and they are B E A Utiful! There are fields after fields of them. We found a gazebo in the gardens, as well. Cayenne LOVES them and lovingly calls them "Home Depots". Think about it-- it actually sounds like that if you say it fast. She HAS to sing in a gazebo every time she sees one without fail. 

With all that singing and all those flowers the boys were dreading this adventure. Much to their surprise the Flower Fields had a ton to entertain them. They have a stamp scavenger hunt activity, a sweet pea maze, a playground (a little small for their taste) and a gem mining area. They even had a little stand that had been featured on Food Network that sold fresh strawberry milkshakes, strawberry shortcakes and caramel apple treats. We got one of each and it was DELISH!

They even had a TON of different varieties of poinsettia. 

There is the stamp activity

Cayenne LOVES gazebos!

See the outlet mall in front of all the fields?!

When the kids are the photographers. 

I may or may not have had to bribe them for this photo. They are NEVER this close without hitting each other!

The Sweet Pea maze.

They had an area for the kids to look at gems they'd actually found. They really enjoyed that!

**Note to self: 1. Cough up the extra money to ride the wagon around the grounds. The fields are a LOT bigger than it looks. 2. Bring cash and be sure to have the kids do the stamp activity while meandering around the fields and gardens because it gets you a discount on the gem mining. 

It was such a great day!


  1. Love love love the pics!! Especially love the one of you the kids took, beautiful!! Can we just go run in fields of flowers and drink wine without kids😉

    1. Sounds like a plan. I'm in. Flower field running adventures with wine. Sign me up!

  2. Que Bonita!! Sweet Pea is my birth month flower -- April. We used to have some growing on the fence in our backyard when I was a kid. I haven't seen one since then.

    1. Your birth month flower is also a daisy, I'll have you know. :)