June 8, 2017

Anaheim Packing House

We didn't technically stay right in LA. We were in Orange, right around the corner from Anaheim aka Disneyland stomping grounds. That wasn't my favorite thing in Anaheim though. It was this gem-- The Anaheim Packing House. We went back a few times during our 6 week stint in LA as it was really just that fun. 

We first went with Potato and Julia (friends of ours who moved from FL to CA a couple years ago) and their two girls. As I walked through the place my mouth opened in amazement and I wanted to take pictures of everything. It's just one of those places that can entertain you by simply walking around and people watching (or maybe I'm just easily amused). There were exciting drinks and creative foods aplenty. 

It got better. Potato and Julia had told us about a secret door. Ahhh yes, the secret door. Apparently there is typically a guard blocking ne-sayers. Not this time, my friends. Apparently, they knew the Cortes' were a-comin' because Julia just opened the door and we were IN! To be fair Julia and I left Edson and Potato with 5 kids so we could enjoy as it is a dark, quiet speak easy with specialty cocktails that just screamed night on the town and no kids allowed. We carefully selected our one drink and enjoyed the craft that was mixing and creating those cocktails. 

We then headed back out to reality and found that the guys had sugared up the kids and they were all sitting in a little messy row. It was cute.

Enjoying a giant swing in the middle of the packing house.

Did I say it got messy? Funny guy.

This place was my favorite! They had awesome ice cream mochi goodness and the icing on the cake were the rice puffs. They pour liquid nitrogen over them. They were literally SMOKIN'! The kids would eat them and smoke would come out of their mouths. Cayenne's reaction was the best! It was so cold! Who cares if it tasted horrible (it really wasn't good at all).


This was a bar with a ton of local beers and some great apps. We are talking super loaded tater tots and other drool-worthy goodness. 

This was a boba tea place. The light bulb glass and the cotton candy top made it irresistible to Reno.

So you may be wondering who is that paper guy that keeps hanging around in some of the pictures. That's Flat Stanley. He joined us on some of our adventure when we were tasked with showing him a good time and sending him back to Florida. We got him chocolate-wasted for sure on this leg of the trip.

Basically, if you need to gain 5-10 pounds I'd suggest going to the Anaheim Packing House. Deal?

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