June 9, 2017

LA Area Hikes

In addition to the Old LA Zoo our friend, Otavio (more commonly known as Potato-- or Hot Potato to Cayenne) took us on a couple hikes that are totally post worthy. 

First up-- this hike was a bit of a doozy with no shade and a steady incline in the heat of mid-day. It was called the North Etiwanda Preserve. Potato swore it was only a couple miles max, but ummm no. It was A LOT longer but we felt good when we finally made it to the oasis at the top. Everyone got completely soaking wet and it made the walk down way more manageable with the heat. Walking downhill always helps, too. 

All the girls on the hike! Minus the mamas. 

Cayenne started pretending she was The Little Mermaid. 

Next was Pumpkin Rock. We went around sundown and the weather was perfect. We drove through a small horse-friendly town complete with sidewalks meant for horse back riding and bars with an area for 'parking' your horses. Right around the corner there were mansion-esque homes with stables in the back.  It definitely wasn't like the HOA neighborhoods I'm used to.

Anyways, a short hike took us to this ginormous pumpkin. No idea how it got there or why it's there, but it was fun. 

Just getting started and someone just wants to collect rocks. 
When Cayenne doesn't want to get in the backpack. Mommy or Daddy get lots of exercise. 

Hiking has become a new thing we've enjoyed on this adventure. Ask the boys and they may tell you something different, but nonetheless it's always good to get out in nature. It helps when you have good friends with you. The kids had the BEST time with the Maciel Family so if they were going our kids were on board. Every. Time.

I've realized that nature is a must. As in, a daily must. Outdoors, being active and breathing fresh air just does something to us. Add that to the wish list-- we need to live in a place that is full of nature. 


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  2. PERO que bello es madre nature me hizo recordar cuando era niña y mi madre nos llevaba los fines de semana a bañarnos enlos rios mi madre hacia sancocho de gallina lo cocinaba ala oriya del rio ynosotros jugabamos en el rio son recuerdos q no se olvidan .