June 13, 2017

California Science Center

We LOVE us some science centers! Give us one that has free admission and all you have to pay for is parking and we are there guaranteed.

We were excited to bring a guest with us on our trip to the Science Center, too. We had just got him that day. Flat Stanley is his name and traveling around the country is his game. Eliah, my nephew, sent it to us as part of a class assignment he had to do. We were determined to take him everywhere. It's a whole book series if you've never heard of it but basically we take pictures with him, get goodies and such and send it back to Eliah. Then he gets to present to his class all about his adventures. 

The California Science Center is just amazing. I'm pretty sure you can get at least 5 years of science class at this place.They really do have it all. The kids did so much in the two times we visited, but we definitely could've gone back again. Their favorites were the hurricane simulator, earthquake simulator and the slime bar. 

This is a picture heavy post because I barely had enough time to snap the shots as I had to keep up with the kids. They were all over the place!

One of Cayenne's favorite spots. The Planet Playlist wall. She was toe-tapping and dancing around.

Loved this ice wall. It had pockets full of different things like blubber, animal fur, plastic and other materials that people can test out to see what is the best insulator. What can keep you warm? Cayenne made a huge deal out of it and I couldn't get her to leave it. She just wanted her hand to be cold-- forever. 

My big boy-- always asking questions and I LOVE THAT!

Don't drink and drive kids.

You can't tell in this picture but this robot thing is HUGE. I mean we are talking like 6 stories tall but laying down. Cayenne was FREAKED out and we didn't get to see the presentation. Luckily, there was so much else to see/do because the boys were bitter.
We had fun with this-- it shows the heat on your body.
Cheers to learning!

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