June 26, 2017


We went to Monterey mostly for Big Sur. Everyone we met in California, I mean EVERYONE asked us if we'd been to Big Sur. We figured it was a must-see. We didn't want to take our mammoth of an RV onto those tight, cliff-gripping, windy roads so we decided Monterey (and exploring it's beauty) was our best bet. We parked the RV in a cozy park far away from the PCH and drove our car instead. 

Sounded like a good idea until we found out that Big Sur was pretty much cut in two when a bad storm wiped out a main bridge in February. We decided to go anyway and drive as far as we could. That spot ended up being the Big Sur Lodge. It was practically deserted. In speaking to the woman who was running the store she said they'd just reopened. She said that since the storm people are still having to get food air-lifted to them and hike out of their homes. People are losing money because they can't get to work and many businesses are just closed, including all of the state parks in that immediate area. The effects are devastating really. 

In addition to seeing a portion of Big Sur we were able to explore Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Garrapata State Park and Point Lobos in our few days stay.

Here we are in Monterey. Freezing our butts off!


This mama always trying to get a good picture. HA!

Carmel-by-the-Sea. These kids were rolling down the hills. Sand was everywhere!

Someone didn't want to leave AT ALL.

Cruising on the PCH. Headed to Big Sur!


Tidepooling at Point Lobos. 

A very tired girl holding her brother's hand on the windy roads. 

Being silly in the RV with her brother bear. 

Next stop... NAPA!


  1. Your dad and I went there on our honeymoon. I took some of the same pictures. The quality is MUCH better now!!

  2. These pics are stunning!!! I wouldn't wanna leave that place either:-)