June 23, 2017

Cayenne's 3rd Birthday!

Luckily, we were in LA during Cayenne's birthday. It couldn't have been more perfect. We were staying with the Maciel's and they helped make it super special.  

It was a flamingo-affair. What's funny is that Cayenne's 2nd birthday in Florida was just family but I made little flamingo cupcakes. She was still too young to tell me what she wanted for her birthday so I did what I wanted. Turns out, she actually does like them. Now, her favorite stuffed animal is a flamingo. Give her something pink and flamingo and she is on board. Hence, her 3rd birthday was the same theme. 

The Maciel's wanted to have a little shindig before we left and it worked out that it was also Cayenne's birthday. There were little girls galore-- a much needed break from her boy-heavy home. AND she LOVED every minute of it! 

Hope you enjoy the photos! As always, be sure to read the captions. 

Prepping for her birthday celebration: picking up her cake and stopping by the flower/balloon section

Pinterest find-- Julia and her creative self! 

This was the best! SO CUTE!

Cayenne picked out Bella's dress for her and confiscated Julia's pink purse to go with her outfit. 

We took Cayenne in the room where we were staying to let her open her gift from us and Gramma. She got a Moana costume and a Frozen costume. She loved them both!

This is my absolute FAVORITE picture. Cayenne surrounded by all the kids. SO HAPPY!

This is our attempt at a family photo. We forced the boys to stand in one spot (as did we) then we told our photographer (10 year old Bella) to just keep taking pictures and Cayenne is bound to be still in one of them. Here are the best ones. Either way she has sassy pants written all over her!

These were from the next day before we left. After lunch we decided to do one more Happy Birthday song followed by the rest of the cake. 

We now have a threenager ladies and gentlemen! Wish us luck!


  1. Cayenne is one precious little girl. She obviously enjoyed her birthday.

  2. She is THE cutest most sassy thing ever! ❤❤❤❤

  3. OMG!!! Look at posing!!! Just adorable:-)

  4. Drew says "Happy Birthday Cayenne!" He had me send your family photo to his email so he can set it as his background photo on his computer.