June 23, 2017

Cali Peeps

Being in LA, we were able to reconnect with the Maciel Family. Edson has known Potato and Julia for years. They even came up to VA to visit when we had a birthday bash for Edson's 30th. They moved to the LA area a couple years back so we knew when we were headed that way fun times were ahead. 

They even took us in when we were homeless! We quite literally had no place to park the RV for a week so we headed to la casa de Maciel. We had a blast and a much needed break from RV living all while doing 50 loads of laundry, taking long warm baths/showers and enjoying life with friends. I'm pretty sure we need to pitch in for the water bill (how much do we owe you, Potato and Jula?!). 

We actually surprised the kids with staying at the Maciel house for the week. We even let them say goodbye. We, the sneaky parents we are knew that we were going to stay another week and AT THEIR HOUSE. So we blindfolded them-- with Edson's drycleaning after we parked the RV at a storage place. HA! Both sets of kids were ecstatic! They did lemonade stands, had jousting battles on scooters and skateboards, ice cream sundae parties, marshmallow and saltine challenges, there were leprechauns, wigs, forts, picanha, lip gloss and THREE birthdays: Sophia's, Edson's and Cayenne's, too! SO FUN!

We quite possibly set up a pre-arranged marriage, too. I just need to find a goat and I think we are a shoe in with a set up between Reno and their youngest daughter, Bella. I'm only partially kidding because it's kind of a match made in heaven. Those two were connected at the hip all week and well... we know we like her parents. 

Fort building

Best bath time EVER! 

They used Cayenne's cuteness factor to sell lemonade. They pulled her around the wagon and she yelled "LEMONLADE for SALE! LEMONLADE!" It was amazing.

At the BAPS Mandir
Friends are a scarcity on this adventure. We will sometimes come across cool people that we meet, make fast friends and then move on hoping to keep in touch. BUT there is nothing like good friends you've known forever. NOTHING. I'll be honest, it makes it hard. There is rarely any time to talk to friends in this beast. There is ZERO privacy, we are on east coast time and well everyone is just living. It was so nice to reconnect and feel like humans again with other adults. We met new friends and really just had such a great time with Potato, Julia, Sophia and Bella. We 💗 them!

No matter where our paths take us we know we always have our Cali Peeps (and they have us, of course!) & a few souvenirs (SOUVS) to show for it. Until next time LA...we are headed north!



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