November 27, 2018

Oregon Garden

It is extremely rare that I get to spend time alone with one of my children. When I mean spend time alone I mean actually doing something fun, not grocery shopping. So when we asked the boys if they wanted to go to Oregon Garden with us they gave us a look of pure disgust and we decided we'd make a girls day of it. It was lovely. This deserves it's own post as I want our little miss to have a record of the special times we spent together. I basically want this to serve as proof that I did more with her as a toddler than just run errands. HA!

There was a nice little gift shop, a cafĂ©,  golf cart/tram that took people to the different areas around the grounds (thanks goodness as I didn't bring a stroller!), a kids play area and just a great place to get outdoors and enjoy each other's company. And that we did!

This was the beginning of the kids play area. They had people made out of pots, a ship with pot binoculars, toilets/tubs full of plants, a huge underground tunnel, a sand area, a tiny community complete with a small train running through it, a weird plants garden, and even a chicken coop nearby! Our little miss loves to dictate how we play so she orchestrated a whole adventure on the "ship".

She loved these lamb ear plants. Sooo soft. 
The chicken coop!

The sand play area

The tunnel
A visit to a garden wouldn't be complete without a few flower pictures. So here are a few of my favorite...

Last but not least a couple selfies of me and my girl. We both wore our flower headbands as it only seemed fitting. When God sent her to us He knew what He was doing.

Cayenne in her true form. Sucking her thumb and holding her ear. 

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  1. Flowers make my heart happy and so do you beautiful girls!!