November 18, 2018

Waterfalls of Oregon

Oregon is known for their waterfalls. I had no idea until I started my research on things to do/places to see and quickly my list of must-see attractions included A TON of waterfalls. I'm sure I've seen waterfalls before, but not like these. 
We got our first glimpse near Crater Lake and that's when we started our Oregon waterfall count. There was Barr Creek and Mill Creek Falls, the Silver Falls State Park and the Trail of Ten Falls (best place ever!), Multnomah Falls, Horsetail Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Shepperd's Dell Falls, Latourell Falls, Oneonta Falls. Phew! And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more!

There is something about waterfalls that is so truly mesmerizing. Every. Single. Time. We actually got to walk behind waterfalls and it's something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. 

Barr and Mill Creek was a place we stumbled on and weren't really expecting at all but it was the start of a beautiful friendship with waterfalls. 

The Trail of Ten Falls (even after 36 states) located in Silver Falls State Park is one of my Top 5 places in the country! It is beautiful, breathtaking, lush, green and the first place we went that we got to walk behind a waterfall. This is quite the hike and I had been pumping the kids up that we were going to tackle it in one go. I thought it was a loop so we'd have to if we wanted to see all the falls. Well then we walked into the ranger station and they took one look at me toting Cayenne on my back and they were like Uhhhhhhh... you might want to make this a two day adventure. Good thing they told us-- we were in no shape to take on that whole hike in one go. Niko had a bout of asthma on the first day and was having a ton of trouble. BUT we did it! We saw all the falls and we hiked our butts off. The 2nd day Niko came back and was totally into the waterfalls. Something just changed in him and we were so thankful because it could've been painful. Both boys were taking videos of the falls and Reno likes to collect samples and do his science exploration thing and I love that! As always Cayenne had the best seat in the house. She walked when she wanted to and rode in the carrier on my (or Edson's) back. I took so many pictures so look out below! 

Even the drive to the Falls was pretty

This will inevitably be where some of us get our Christmas trees from

Mama talking about the importance of perseverance and Niko obviously rolling his eyes behind those sunglasses.

Daddy motivating his boy to keep going

Rainbow head

Yes, she is sleeping...

Where's Niko??

Me & My Girl
There's something about the light hitting the lens in this one.

Them being nice to each other makes me happy! 

Niko taking videos and Reno doing his explorer science thing

The view from behind the waterfall!

The light coming through the trees, the moss on the trees, the shadows. LOVE IT.

The Historic Columbia River Highway proved to be tourist central. This one highway has pull offs for a ton of falls and we couldn't miss that. We were there for two reasons: to see the falls and to see the Columbia River Gorge (I'll show those pics in another post).

This is one of those pictures that I tell Reno he'll look back on and wonder why he didn't smile. Niko and that hair!

When she is captured by the greenery and not the waterfall. HA!

When we were in Oregon it rained once. It was oh-so green and lush. Every time we went to nature it made me happy. A glossy dew on every fern and every leaf. The evening sun coming through the trees and shining right at the waterfalls... it was magical. It's possible I walked around with my mouth open in awe A LOT.

A few people told us it had rained every day for 3 weeks before we got there. We consider ourselves SO lucky! We truly loved Oregon's waterfalls and hope to visit them again someday over the rainbow. I'll leave you with one last picture... 

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  1. I love that you are updating us all on your RV adventure. These pictures are amazing!! I can't believe how young the boys look