June 15, 2017

Palm Springs

We did it-- we played hooky. We woke up and decided to roll out of LA. We gave the kids a get out of school free pass for the day and Edson took the day off and we made our way to Palm Springs. 

We walked around the downtown area, went into a few stores, a couple historical buildings and saw a fashion designer getting a star on the Palm Springs walk of fame. Then we headed to the Saguaro for a pool day. It was HOT and we were ready to dive in. 

Take a look at the manicured palm trees. Never seen it done like that and I've seen quite a few palm trees in my day. It's the little things, ya' know?

My kids love these candy stores. They always have funky sodas, funky candy and this one even let us have a free sample of taffy. This one added to the funk factor with the masks that were all around. 

The McCallum adobe was the historical building we visited. It was built in 1884 for the first white settler and is the oldest building in Palm Springs. It is now a museum full of all sorts of things. It ranged from the first settlers to the movie stars who frequented Palm Springs. 

The Saguaro was on the top of the list for must-sees in Palm Springs. I've seen the colorful building on instagram a lot. There were a few other hotels that I'd love to hit up but this one was family friendly and didn't cost $25/person to get in. We loved every minute of it, especially because it was 100 degrees outside. The colors, the style of the entire place and the hammocks had me at hello, but the flamingo floats (Cayenne's favorite animal) had Cayenne going nuts! The boys spent the entire time in the pool or asking for pricey bar food. Cayenne was in the float with one of us at all times. Sorry to all the folks who wanted to use it. That kid WOULD not give that thing up and I wasn't going to risk a meltdown. The kids really didn't want to leave. The only way to get them out of the pool and on the road? A promise for frozen yogurt in town before we headed back to Anaheim.

**Wish list for next house: a pool and hammocks, lots of them!

She knows how to live the poolside life!

YESSSSS! I had to pry the kids out of these hammocks. 

Another flamingo!

Assuming the sleepyhead position. 

A little gaming area, too!

Apparently, she was on the catwalk. On the catwalk, yea.

I shake my little tush on the catwalk, yea.

I love these little boxes on the hotel wall

Someone is tired.

Cheers to more days playing hooky! 

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