June 13, 2017


We had to check out Pasadena when in LA. We'd heard from locals that it was a great place. We went to the City Hall, hung out with Jackie and Mack Robinson, stopped by the beautiful library and then drove by the Rose Bowl before heading to the Kidspace Children's Museum.

I must admit I am mildly obsessed with the events hosted at the Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena. It was incredible! They were hosting a Holi Festival, which is a Hindu spring festival typically celebrated in India and Nepal. There was dancing, henna, a color throw and just an overall sense of celebration. It makes sense considering it's known as the festival of love and colors. 

Reno did a presentation on Jackie Robinson in school, so this was pretty cool!

I loved this ceiling!

The library

We made it to the top of this huge structure and she was so proud! It's not the best picture, but I want to remember making it up there with her. It wasn't an easy feat as there were about a million bigger kids pushing their way through.

Can you tell which area was Cayenne's favorite? The dress up area!

Suchhhh a mess, but so fun!

Someone looks like they sniffed some smurf powder! 

Cayenne was exhausted when it was all said and the boys didn't want to leave. On to the next stop!


  1. What an amazing journey you are on. Due to your photographic skills, I am vicariously enjoying all of the events and locations from the comfort of my Lazy Boy. Thanks.

  2. As soon as he said Lazy Boy, I knew who it was!