June 1, 2017

The Cat Cafe

I forgot about the Cat Cafe! So random, but worthy of a post. I found this hidden little animal lovers gem while searching for things to do. Seeing as though the boys and Edson are super allergic we made a girls trip out of it. 

Abuela, Cayenne and I went to the cafe side and got some tea and juice and headed in to visit with the cats. It was small, but a neat idea. All of the cats are adoptable and are we were free to play and interact with them (as much as any cat would allow). 

I'd never heard of a Cat Cafe so hence my desire to visit. Apparently the idea originated in Taiwan, later went to Japan and other countries globally but didn't reach North America until 2014. Many think it is a de-stresser and is particularly popular in Japan (as they have more than 150 to date) because many apartments in Japan forbid pet ownership. 

Without further ado here are a few pics...

Cayenne wanted to give this cat all of the toys in the entire place. She was so proud of herself!

Hope you enjoyed this last little piece of San Diego.