June 7, 2017

Old LA Zoo

The Old LA Zoo is nestled into Griffith Park. It was home to many animals from 1912 to 1966 when the Griffith Park Zoo closed and animals were moved to the shiny and new LA Zoo. It's now a small treasure in the midst of chaos in LA left for all of us to enjoy.  

I must say I was ready for this hike. Especially after the 5 million hour drive it took us to get there (ok, this is only a bit of an exaggeration). We needed nature and a bit of graffiti is always on the photography wish list in my book. The fact that animals used to live in these cages added to the lure. Cayenne was already tired so Daddy put her in the backpack. There were quite a few people taking photos here-- you can tell it's a hotspot for photo shoots and I can see why. Every bit of it is a maze of color and lighting. You can climb up boulders and around all the structures. It is just COOL. The boys zig-zagged in and out of all of them. They found sticks for sword-fights and had a good time being outside.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! We had fun with this one.

This is typical. They find sticks and just go at it! 

Note to self: Don't wear flip flops! I forgot to bring my sneakers!

This little lady is lecturing us about something in this picture.


  1. Love it! (I see there is some political graffiti in there, too.) So horrific to think that animals had to live in those cages.

  2. I know, it looks awful but I'm sure it was way better when it was up and running.

    I'm just glad the boys didn't see the political graffiti. I literally was climbing around in some crazy places to get some of those shots.