June 15, 2017

Olvera Street

Truth be told, I only wanted to go to this place because I reallllly wanted to get some Mexican blankets for cheap. I saw some online and it seemed best to check 'em out in person. I didn't end up getting any blankets but we came back with so much more. A great day exploring an old part of LA. This Mexican Marketplace was brimming with activity and wonder. The smell of fresh churros, the sounds of mariachi and vendors selling all sorts of goods. 

We walked up and were surprised by a show going on right in the main plaza. I wish I could tell you what the name of the group, the dance or something was but we had to leave the area as Cayenne wasn't a fan of the loud drumming. All I know, it was cool! The folkloric dancing, music and wardrobe were great! The stray chihuahua running all around added a little something, too.

We passed a fruit stand as they are everywhere in LA. If you've not been picture NY city street hot dog vendors but in health conscious LA they traded the hot dogs in for fruit. There are cups of fresh fruit with Tajin on it, mangoes they've made into flowers and other creations.  They put Tajin on everything here-- it's basically a combo of chilis, lime and sea salt. We had to buy one for the RV as Edson really likes it.

Walking through the street with all the vendors we found a few little areas to stop and enjoy. Who doesn't love a wishing well?

Olvera Street is actually a part of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument and it dates all the way back to 1781. We were lucky enough to be able to walk through the Avila Adobe that dates back to 1818

Love this picture as she gets so excited when things are her size!

Walking around Olvera Street really was such a treat. We ended up hearing a Mexican band playing and there were tons of couples out dancing and enjoying themselves in another plaza area. 

These silly kids pretending to be a part of the art scene.

On our way back to the car we ended up seeing that there was a National Park Service Visitor Center there. We knew we couldn't miss it! When I asked about Junior Ranger badges as I always do at visitor centers they told me they are trying to get an urban version made for them. It was a lovely little spot where the kids were able to explore a bit for a traffic-filled ride back to the RV.

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