June 2, 2017

San Diego Favorites

We realized this week that we initially hadn't planned on going to San Diego. We could've missed all of that greatness! We are SO glad we changed our minds. We both really enjoyed the laid back outdoorsy vibe.

We were so thankful that Abuela was visiting. We got to spend some time with her, got a couple (much needed!) nights out and the kids really loved her being around (especially her cooking!). My favorites were definitely Balboa Park, the Farmer's Markets, bike rides and my trips to the library with Cayenne for story time. It wasn't your typical story time. They hosted a weekly Dance Party or Toddler Yoga. It was the cutest thing ever. 

If we ever go back I'd love to see more that Balboa Park has to offer. It was museum, park, picnic-lover haven and science center galore all wrapped into one and it might have just had a bow on top. I'm just saying.  

Our Top 5 for sunny San Diego-- Be sure to revisit my posts if you missed them the first go-round.

1. Parks and more Parks

2. Museums and more Museums

3. Farmers Markets

4. Outdoor activities

5. Sunsets

Thank you for sticking with me on this crazy ride. I can say that I'll catch up to where we are now but that just wouldn't be true. I'm so far behind it's overwhelming. Next stop... Los Angeles!

Here are some of my favorite pictures that didn't make the cut.

I love this picture at a local store in San Diego. I definitely bought her that hat as she looked just like Reno when he was little in it. We would walk around the stores on our morning outings and Cayenne started saying every time we saw a store with a female mannequin  or anything female oriented in the front window, "Look, Mommy-- a GIRL store! Can we go in the girl store?!"  She also has an obsession with mints. That's what that is in her hand. She always wants to buy them! 
It's not the best quality picture, but it's adorable. Abuela put her hair in rollers and Cayenne had to join in.

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