April 25, 2017

Go Outside!

We've not been in hiding, I promise. We've been on limited data and the kids school and E's job take priority. Therefore, the blog took a back seat. I'm hopefully back (wi-fi permitting, that is).

Being outdoors every second was totally my plan in San Diego. We loved every minute of it. Campland on the Bay was where we stayed and it absolutely allowed us to be outdoors to our heart's content. A bike path nearby, a small beach area right on the bay, kayak rentals, a stage for impromptu dance parties and more. We also visited Torrey Pines Nature Preserve, the Gliderport, Belmont Park and a ton of different beaches. Yes, yes and YESSSSSSSS!

While the boys were schooling the Little Miss and I would take bike rides to a playground less than a mile away. We'd talk, ride, play and collect whatever we could find. It was such a special time for me and my girl. We'd ride to the library for story time and it was just nice and something I'd definitely been missing.

We, of course hit up a ton of things with everyone in tow.

Hanging out at Belmont Park

Pacific Beach
Our RV Park was awesome. It was right on Mission Bay so the beach was a daily occurrence.

My funny kids. Sending out an SOS

Why not pogo on the beach?!

Kayaking fun 

Excited that they finally got the working together to row thing down!

They had a stage at the rv park. Cayenne got up and sang her heart out to anyone who would listen. 

We stopped by Spruce Street Footbridge to check it out. It was situated over a canyon and it was a long way down! 

The below place was incredible.We took a day to explore Torrey Pines and enjoyed some awesome rocks and the Gliderport. I'd never seen anything like it and I'm pretty sure I need to add it to my bucket list. This time around I was ok with just watching a lot of other brave souls take flight.

Torrey Pines Beach. I never knew why people stacked rocks, but it looks cool and we did 5 for our family. 
We visited the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. It is free and they have a large outdoor area to roam and look at old military planes. 

So happy about all the outdoor fun we had in San Diego! This is just the tip of the iceberg as there is so much more to come. Hope you'll enjoy and read at your leisure.


  1. Looks so beautiful! Love the rocky beaches and your daughter gets cuter every time you post a picture! ❤
    PS....check out my new BLOG!

    1. Thanks, Julie!

      I checked out your blog and started following-- love it!

  2. What fun! I'm so glad I get to find out what you're doing on here!