April 10, 2017

The Donut Bar

Yes, there is such a thing. A donut place and a bar paired ever so tastefully in San Diego. Apparently, the west coasters know what they are doing. Bars that have realllly good donuts and serve alcohol seemed to have filled a need over in this part of the US of A. Whatever it is, the Cortes Crew is down with it.

I'd read about the donuts. We are talking Pop Tart and French Toast donuts here people! WHAT?! I know, it seems crazy. It's not for the faint of heart. We knew we had to check it out. It's highly likely that we may become donut aficionados by the time this cross country adventure comes to a close. Can I add that to my resume?

Either way. There were some picture-worthy moments on this early morning outing. Did I mention there was a line down the street just to get in the door? This place is popular (if not blatantly evident by the Chef's Lamborghini parked out front) and the donuts are on-point.

The kids even got an extra free donut. Cayenne?? Well she was so excited that the girls working the counter deemed it the best reaction they'd ever gotten. Lucky for you guys-- I was able to snap a pic of it!

When they told her she gets an extra FREE donut.

It's huge!

There is literally a pop tart inside the donut

This is us with our leftovers. That's R having fun in the background with the balloon. Hilarious. 
Cheers to more fun times in San Diego!

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