May 16, 2017

I 💗 Farmers Markets

I 💗 Farmers Markets. I really do. If someone would just give me a chai tea latte and take me to a farmers market with a big basket in hand it would make me oh-so happy. I mean really. A sunny day, a big basket full of fresh fruits and veggies and a sampling of local honey, hummus, fruits, meats, lotions, flowers and more? Yes, please. Throw in music by a local band while you peruse the tents and I'm hooked.

San Diego is like the mecca of Farmers Markets. I'm pretty sure there is one going on every day of the week. Most of them have a lot of the same vendors but there is enough variety for you to just find your favorites and go to that one consistently. We went to 3 (some more than once) during our month long stay and I had my favorite for sure. There was Pacific Beach, Little Italy and Hillcrest.

Just pretty pictures all around.

We need one of these for the RV! A place to grow our own veggies is definitely a wish list item for our next home.

I loved this musician-- Lexi Pulido is her name if you want to look her up.

All my boys stopped at this booth!

When Cayenne found a dog with the same sunglasses she was wearing-- WE ARE TWINKIES! Take a picture, Mommy!
We'd heard a lot about the sea urchin and knew we had to try it. We decided to get one and let everyone try. Edson and Niko ate most of it. It was the texture of a tongue and just slimey. I was glad we all tried it though. It was cool just getting to pick our sea urchin and watching them clean and prep it for eating. Niko wanted to keep the shell of it (if that's what you call it), but we weren't too keen on that idea-- hence the pictures of him before we made him throw it out.

Trying sea urchin! 

We stared at these flowers and really enjoyed them. A perfect stranger (running one of the booths) saw us admiring them and gave her one. Apparently, it was one he'd found on the ground. It made her so happy! She walked around beaming and holding that flower proudly. 

I love all the colors!

This is pretty much how Edson makes his coffee every morning, so we had to stop to appreciate it. 
Only a couple more San Diego posts-- then we'll be moving on to LA!

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