March 23, 2017

The New Children's Museum

Earlier in the week we'd attempted to go to a children's museum about 25 minutes from the RV. We showed up and it was small and there were a ton of toddlers running amok. It just didn't look like the kind of place ALL 3 of the kids would enjoy. Sorry, Little Miss (as she would've loved it) but I had a flash of the boys complaining incessantly about being bored and just couldn't do it. 

What does that mean? We needed to find something bigger and better. We headed to The New Children's Museum in Downtown San Diego and it definitely fit the bill. We all had a blast, including the grown-ups! I never understood why they make adults pay the same amount as kids at places like this but I totally got it this time. 

Without further ado. Here are the pics! Be sure to read the captions. 

Mama got some air!

Even Abuela got in on the jumping!
Holy messiness. This covered wagon has been painted so many colors and times and it is amazing. She could've stayed here all day. Not even kidding. 

Clay creations: Little Miss made something (no idea what it was), the boys made vases, I made a tiny tea set & Abuela made a turtle

I practically had to bathe her in the sink after the painting but she had so much fun
The boys did some major fort building while Little Miss painted her heart out. They had every material known to man.

This was soo funny. It was called CARAOKE. Check it out below. 

Caraoke-- Karaoke in the car! 

I loved all of the messages around this area of the museum!

Such a big girl going up there with her brothers-- always trying to keep up!

This was the younger kids section that Little Miss had to herself. It's supposed to be a huge sink-- see the water coming down from the faucet? There are plates, fruits and veggies.

We are big fans of Children's Museums and this one was definitely a keeper!


  1. I love this! I feel like I'm there with you. I can hear the kids laughing and playing. Your pictures are great!! I practically sit by my computer 24/7 waiting for the next post.

  2. Can l be one of your kids for awhile?

  3. Mama I love the jump!!!! Hilarious!!!