March 20, 2017

Cabrillo National Monument

We always look for National Parks, State Parks and National Monuments everywhere we go. Cabrillo was an unexpected delight! It was small, but full of goodness. The kids got a first-hand lesson from a real conquistador. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but we went twice and this guy was in full fatigues and never once got out of character. It was pretty hilarious, but educational nonetheless. The boys even got to don the gear and armor and enjoyed a bit of a mock battle in the visitor center. 

The kids earned another junior ranger badge after visiting the different sites and completing activities at the monument. We somehow found what we think was a squirrel skull. Learned that Cabrillo was a European explorer who landed there in the 1500s. It was also home to the Point Loma Lighthouse dating back to the 1800s. The best part? The tidepools. I think we officially found a new hobby. It was so cool to see all the creatures in the water (and out). I didn't even know tidepooling was a thing and we loved it!

The skull and that face.
Kelp and other ooey gooeys

We couldn't take anything from the monument. So Little Miss had to put this shell in a safe place before she could leave it.

Hanging out in the car with my silly Little Miss to get out of the wind and have a snack.

Cheers to many more adventures in San Diego! 

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