March 14, 2017

Volunteer & Beer

We were finally in nice, sunny San Diego and we thought it only fitting to volunteer with an organization whose mission focuses on the environment. We definitely found the right organization to work with. The event involved two of our favorite things: Volunteering & Beer. 

We headed to Cupid's Cleanup near Bay City Brewing Co. Over 200 volunteers showed up to help clean up the neighborhood. Once we signed in, got our garbage bags, recycle bags and gloves we were briefed by Lauren, the Volunteer Coordinator. She explained the harmful effects that litter has on the wildlife and waterways. She even had props: a jar with contents from an albatross' stomach. It was full of cigarette butts, paper clips, nails and a pen! Lauren also told us that by cleaning up this area of San Diego we are preventing trash from going into the nearby San Diego River and subsequently the Pacific Ocean. She was sure to remind everyone to come back to Bay City Brewing Co. as they were offering 50% off beer to all volunteers (those of age, of course!). SCORE!

Yes, I'm that person that thought it was only fitting we take a picture next to the dumpster. R was not impressed! AT ALL! His face! 

We all did a "Go Team!" and headed on our way. There were so many people that we tried to break away from the pack by going into the parking lot of the Valley View Casino Center, where the San Diego Gulls play hockey. It was a hot mess! There was so much stuff! Stuff that would've ended up in the ocean. We definitely felt good about what we were doing with I Love a Clean San Diego. A security guard in the parking lot even handed us some garbage she picked up-- we must've inspired her! 

R's Dollar! So excited!

His face when I suggested he donate it. Bwahaha! I love his expressions. He did donate it proudly, especially when he realized he was the only person who put money in the donation jar that day!
A couple hours later we headed back to Bay City and weighed in our goods. 15 POUNDS! We were pretty pleased with our catch. We also went to introduce ourselves to Lauren, the Volunteer Coordinator whom we'd been communicating with before the event. She so graciously presented our family with the Make A Wave coin. She explained what it was and how she'd been given the coin from volunteers at another event. She told us about the idea of making a ripple or wave. It made so much sense! It's all about acts of kindness and making a difference. Even one small thing to help or make a change can lead to something bigger or encourage others to do something, too We are all about it! We were incredibly honored to receive it. We look forward to passing it on to a deserving recipient while on The Giving Tour. 

I Love a Clean San Diego is doing so much good for the San Diego community. They are so much more than just a run of the mill neighborhood cleanup (that this was most certainly not!). They have resources for teachers, they host tons of community workshops, classroom presentations, after school programs, beach cleanups, neighborhood cleanups, programs for kids, teens, adults. You name it-- they've probably got it. We admire the work they do and hope to keep in touch with them along our journey. San Diego is lucky to have Lauren, the rest of the I Love a Clean San Diego staff and volunteers behind them. They are truly making a difference. A post event wrap up proves it: in total over 564 pounds of garbage and 164 pounds of recyclables were collected. Just WOW! 

** Be sure to check us out here. Our family was featured in the Volunteer Spotlight in I Love a Clean San Diego's February newsletter! So cool! 


  1. I read about your family in the I Love A Clean San Diego newsletter and just read through your website/blog. Inspiring family! My daughter (who is now 11) started Kids Clean-Up Crew (https:/ here in San Diego when she was 7 years old. We get all of our supplies from I Love A Clean San Diego for our regular neighborhood "unlitterings." So we were happy to see your family chose to volunteer for a litter cleanup while here in San Diego! LOVE that you call your adventure "The Giving Tour!"

    1. Hi Lyn!! Talk about inspiring?!?! Your daughter is incredible (and let's be honest we've gotta give you some credit)! I only wish we could've met you while in San Diego! We will absolutely check out the Kids Clean-Up Crew and wish you all the best. We hope you'll keep in touch!


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