March 28, 2017

Date Night in San Diego

It's not often that the adults in the Cortes Crew get a night out. E's mom was visiting and we decided we neeeeeded to take advantage. We went out twice and both nights involved a local beer spot and dessert. We likey. The sun went down and we were able to get out and about as adults. 

Date Numero Uno: We hit up a spot called Amplified. It's got a cool roof top bar with patio lights to die for (I seriously love these lights), heaters and Mexican blankets (I also LOVE these blankets) to keep you warm. We stopped at a taco place because Taco Tuesday's is alive and well in San Diego. I didn't get a picture because I was too busy stuffing my face. I did, however, get a picture of our final destination: The Baked Bear. It's a place that makes custom ice cream sandwiches. Brilliant, I tell ya'! We chose a chocolate chip cookie top and a fudge brownie base with salted caramel ice cream covered in oreo cookies. Yes, yes we did eat every. single. bite.

Date Numero Dos: Breweries are also HUGE in San Diego so we decided to check out just one more before we left. Mission Brewery was housed in an old Wonder Bread factory. It was dark and mysterious but had a great event space adjoining. It's a really large warehouse. One that I nearly got lost in trying to go to the bathroom (true story). Maybe I'm a rookie, but I thought it was cool how they have you write down your selections on your tasting glass holder. 

Last stop on this night out? An ice cream shop called Hammond's in Pacific Beach that I'd heard had some fun flavors. We are talking Thai Tea, Dragonfruit, Honey Lavender and Sweet Potato. I sampled a couple but I couldn't hang when it came to the really funky ones. Our favorite ended up being the Mexican Chocolate. The best part about Hammond's is the ability to have a flight of ice cream. We got 6, but you can literally try ALL of the flavors they have in house in a flight. Of course I can't remember the exact amount but I believe it was 25 or something crazy like that. 


It was so nice to get out as adults and a married couple. On any given day/hour/minute/second we are interrupted by the kids it seems every time we try to talk to each other. We got to have a few actual conversations and it was lovely stepping away from the kids if only for a couple hours.

Please Note: Do not mention/suggest/inquire/hint or ask our kids about these dessert-inspired locations. They have NO idea we went to these places because we'd be in seriously big trouble if they did. There is no way they'd want to miss it! Well that, and we had to leave after our little miss went to sleep so she wouldn't freak out that mama left her (the struggle is real here people). Don't worry--- they had plenty of their own fun and sweet treats in San Diego.

More to come very soon!

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  1. Looks like so much fun, and so YUMMY! I'm so glad you had the chance to go out.