July 6, 2017

San Francisco

We surprised the kids with a sleepover in the city. We dropped Cola off at a pet sitter's place and then headed to the city for an overnight stay at the W. To tell you that the kids were excited is an understatement. We pulled up to the hotel and they were chomping at the bit. Once we got up to our room we could barely get the boys out to explore.

We were all over the place on what turned into a 4-day adventure. First, we went to the Googleplex, then drove by the 49ers stadium. We then headed towards the "Painted Ladies" for a picnic and drove down Lombard Street. We checked into the hotel and parked the car for the next 24 hours. We walked, we took a old trolley car and headed to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge then headed back to Chinatown and had dinner out and headed back to the hotel. We got up early the next morning to find that Daddy had done a starbucks run then walked what seemed like 15 miles to get to a yummy soul food inspired brunch place. We headed out of town and decided we had to come back for Alcatraz and Muir Woods another day.

There were lots of delicious treats on our mini-adventure, too. We ate Trish's mini donuts, lobster rolls, lobster bisque in an amazing sourdough bread bowl at Fisherman's Wharf, fresh fortune cookies out of Chinatown, fried chicken eggs benedict and more! We really just acted like tourists doing any and everything we could. Including getting ripped off by a taxi driver. Be sure to read the captions. 

The Painted Ladies

We were bummed by the fence in front of them, but we enjoyed our little picnic.


That view! It was so cool going through the hills and looking back. WHOA!

THE hotel!

We got the kids a cup of orange juice. It was $18 for 3 glasses of oj-- GOOD GRACIOUS! I told them to savor every sip. 

We sat in the lobby for a while, so Mommy and Daddy could have our welcome cocktail

Luckily, they had this to keep the kids busy

Enjoying a cup o' tea he made at the in-room machine

A family shot in the hotel hallway-- We take what we can get! 

The old trolley

Enjoying the ride and notice she is sure not to put her thumb on it-- she doesn't want it to get dirty so she can still suck her thumb! 

Beer and donuts on the boardwalk

More stinky sea lions

Lobster rolls

These low-riders were all fixed up and it was no-joke. Those owners were serious about their cars. I didn't even want the kids to breath near them.We are talking hydraulics, bouncing and all that jazz.

This girl rides in style-- on Daddy and Mommy!

I love this shot down an alley in Chinatown-- I'm just realizing that we might have left that backpack in SF.

Fortune Cookie Factory! Where we had to pay $1 just to take pictures. 

The real deal!

Chinese market-- yummy bugs and such.

Always trying to capture a good shot. Even if it's me running in the middle of the road to do it.

Another way to ride

A cool playground in Chinatown with great views of the skyline.

I told you she knows how to ride-- this girl has it made!

This was the time we got ripped off by a taxi driver. He charged us wayyyy too much money just to get to the other side of the bridge where he said the best views were (umm, no!) and it was FREEZING. We luckily caught an uber back and he charged us way less. Hence the warm and happy pictures we got below!!!

We woke up to find Daddy had gotten us tea, hot cocoa and some morning treats.

Then we headed to brunch at Brenda's. We walked through questionable areas that wreaked of smoke, booze and pee but we made it and brunch (after a 45 minute wait) was delish!

On our boat ride to Alcatraz. Love this little one-- assuming the position (sucking her thumb and holding my ear). She stopped napping months ago, but really still needs one. 

Waiting for our audio tour contraption

Working on his junior ranger book with an awesome view


Creepy head-- but shows the escape!

My big boy! He's grown SO much in this past year.


Working on our junior ranger books

I don't even know what she was doing or what happened in this moment. I'm just glad I captured it!

LOVE this pictures!
Muir Woods was a good one. Unexpected and good. It was a lovely walk/hike and the kids earned another junior ranger badge. I read that parts of Star Wars was filmed there. It makes perfect sense as you can totally picture ewoks and obi-wan fighting there. It was pretty dreamy the way the light shone through the canopy of tree-cover.

Cayenne, yet again, had the best seat in the house (on ME!) and slept through the entire thing. I will absolutely look at her when my back aches later in life. 

Reno says that San Francisco is one of his favorites. He LOVES hotels and he loves eating out. Not to mention he loves the 49ers. It was a win-win in his book. He had two requests on this adventure: Reno, Nevada and San Francisco, CA. 

Now... onto Reno!

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  1. It looks like you guys really enjoyed San Fan, Great pictures, we enjoyed
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