July 25, 2017

Chico & Redding

Chico and Redding were those awkward in-between stops where we have to stop so the drive isn't unbearable. We didn't do much in Chico accept go to the Sierra Nevada brewery and visit the Bidwell mansion. Cayenne liked Chico. Our RV Park and the mansion both had home depot's (gazebos) for her to sing in. 

A couple close friends once lived in Redding so it was nice that we were able to see where they were all that time. We went to the Shasta Dam and enjoyed the crystal blue waters of Lake Shasta, got another junior ranger badge at Whiskeytown Lake, visited the Turtle Bay Exploration Park and walked through the botanical gardens and across the Sundial Bridge, too. 

We'd gone to the Sierra Nevada Brewery in NC and it was incredible: sprawling lawn and garden and plenty of places for the kids to explore and roam and a giant outdoor patio for dining. When Edson had the opportunity to stop in Chico (the original location for Sierra Nevada) I immediately called and booked a tour for him. It was a lot less impressive than the new location-- but it was authentic.

This is what travel days look like:

Moana playing with her toys

The Bidwell Mansion: 

Fun with Daddy at Lake Shasta

Sundial Bridge

Botanical Gardens forced photo (hence Reno's face)

We were off to the Redwoods!

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  1. I'm noticing a common thread in the stops of your travels.In addition to scenic vistas and fun adventures, many of them conveniently have craft brewerys....sounds like fun.