February 3, 2017


As you know, we love love love the V Family and our kids wanted nothing more than to spend every waking second with them. It was like pulling teeth every time we left the RV Park. So, when they asked us if we wanted to day trip to Tombstone, well... we were all about it! I think the kids might have all screamed with excitement in unison.

It was a lovely afternoon full of dirt roads, old saloons, ghost stories, souvenir shops, graveyards, cheesy gun-fighting shows and the border patrol. Sounds just lovely, doesn't it?

All the kids were so excited to travel somewhere together that they begged to be sitting here and there and everywhere. We had some of their kids in our car and vice versa. We listened to music, talked and played i-spy driving through areas with RV parks with monthly rates of $350. As tempting as that was to save some money it was kind of a hell no and a big laugh as we were yet again in the middle of nowhere.

We questioned how far we'd gone when we passed a border patrol stop that all cars had to go through on the way back to Tucson. We finally made it to Tombstone and headed to the streets filled with tons of dust and dirt and yellow-bellied gun toting cowboys (and tourists). We walked around and went into stores, went to our first gun show (the cheesy comedy one that our kids loved) and just enjoyed the old-western decor of it all. On our way out of Tombstone we stopped at the Boothill Graveyard and walked amongst some really old graves.

Once we left Boothill Graveyard we figured it'd be best for all of us to ride with our own families. No one wanted to be in the car with someone else's kids if we got stopped at the border. Yeah, that might not be so fun.

Anywho, I for one had never seen Tombstone. My Dad, a Wild West film fan would probably be mortified to hear it. The boys, of course, wanted to see the film the night we got back and so E watched it with them. I went to bed. Ah well, maybe another day.

I leave you with the below.