February 14, 2016

Let's Get It Started In Here

There are pertinent questions when a huge life change is imminent. It's that Five W's and One H thing we all learned when we were in elementary school.

The WHO is obvious. The WHY has been determined in a previous post and is our driving force behind it all.

To eliminate the need to worry about getting a visa, renewing visas, etc. the hubs decided to go ahead and apply for his Colombian citizenship a while back as his parents were born there. That was a whole blog post in itself (tip: be patient at the Colombian Embassy- he had to go back 5 times as they all told him different things). That answered the WHERE in the world do we go? Colombia, South America

Globe showing the Americas

The hubs has been talking to his employer for quite a while now. They'd agreed that he can work remote from anywhere as long as he has a reliable internet connection. We had an IN! That would be our HOW. We would sell our stuff, keep some in storage, rent out our house, make DC money and live in Colombia where the cost of living is nada and the average monthly income is something like $800. We would save, be around family and we could have the kiddos in school there and travel South America on the weekends. Sounds ideal in my head.

That scenario would have made my blogging life a lot shorter and far less interesting. Basically when I knew I would no longer have a job the hubs told them we might need to move up this full time remote thing to late March 2016 (the WHEN). They agreed and said they would talk to HR. Good ole' HR- they screwed us. What did they say you might ask? UMMMMM NO he can't work from South America. What did we say you might ask? @&$$@&&@#@#&**&#@**

It's our first real obstacle. It's not going to deter us.  It wasn't something a couple glasses of wine wouldn't fix.  Let's call that the WHAT. That was what I was going to do.  :)

Back to the drawing board...

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