May 10, 2016

Let's Talk... Next Steps

I apologize for the drought that has been my blogging. I'm sure a drought comes when life catches up with you and that HAS happened.

I wanted to share with you what Edson and I came up with: Uur Life Road Map. We are trying to figure it all out. We've made an action item list and are making moves. My mom asked me the other day, "What is it that you want to do?" Wish I knew. The answer has changed. It used to be an easy one. Go to South America. I've quickly realized it's not that easy. And this is me being very honest.

We really thought that more job opportunities would open up for Edson regarding remote work. That hasn't been the case. That being said, we aren't going to uproot our family of 5 and a dog to South America without a job, and a good one to rely on. We could just say SCREW IT and go but if his job found out he'd get fired and no one wants that on the brain.

Needless to say we've narrowed down our options to the below. Again, fittingly titled our Life Road Map:

Option #1:

Colombia (Santa Marta / Cali)/ Medellin)

 Meet with tax professional (Edson)

 Get a hold of friend of a friend who travels all over SA and get info on taxes/work opportunities (Edson)

 Contact international schools to determine price and curriculum and get references for different cities (Paige)

 Lookup expat forums (Paige and Edson)

o Post questions and see if we can get feedback about school experience, extracurricular

activities, security

image found on (sure I be using this image?!)
I thought this would help everyone visualize where all these places are in Colombia

Option #2:

Find Rental or Purchase Home in South Florida

 Look online for rentals and monitor homes for sale (P&E)

 Ensure we can rent that home out if we are to purchase (Edson)

 Figure out how we would make downpayment- take equity out of VA home? (Edson)

Option #3:

LGI Homes (Cape Coral / Tampa)- this is a company that requires only 3% down and will cover your closing costs

 Set appointment for 5/28 – 5/29 (memorial day weekend) (Paige)

 Contact and ask if there are any restrictions on renting properties (Paige)

Option #4:

RV The Country

 RV’s for sale (Paige and Edson)

  • Look into warranties
  • Monthly payments
  • miles traveled and gas estimate
  • Go see different types (Class A or bunkhouse models preferable)

 Route/itinerary ideas – timing of places to visit and when (Paige start and then get with E)

  • Look into free places to stay on the road 
    • Paige spoke with friend from HS that is full-timing and said to budget $600-$1000 a month in "rent" for state parks, etc.
  • Continue conversation with Full-Time Families facebook group

 Tow car options (Edson)

  • Would need to get rid of both cars to either get a truck or other small low monthly payment car

 WifI hotspots / data plans (edson)
 Home school research (Paige)

Image found on

My friends this is how we spend our time. Looking into the above items. We could end up throwing all of the above out the window if something new comes up but at least this list keeps us organized and moving in what is hopefully the right direction.  I would love to hear your comments/questions, etc. I love to know you are reading and you are with us on this CRAZY road.

Post a comment below. As always, we will keep you posted.


  1. I'm looking forward to see what you decide!

  2. If I were in your position with all the responsibilities you have taken on, my biggest budget item would be for professional mental health recovery at the end of the journey. Don't forget to budget for Nikos future tuition at FSU. :^)

  3. HA! Good point- I might need to add that to our budget. We will absolutely consider Niko's future tuition, too!