October 31, 2016

Birthdays and Holidays

When we embarked on this adventure we knew things would be different. We knew that we'd need to make our best attempt to make birthdays and holidays as normal as possible. Our plan was to do the things we consider traditions. If the traditions weren't possible because we are on the road then we would alter it and try to make it fun, exciting and different in a good way. We know we will have to 'sell' the idea of altering our traditions big time to these kids. 

Our first celebratory event was Niko's 11th Birthday. Halloween would come next. We decided to do a combo weekend at Texas Wine Country's Jellystone. We are talking Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Cindy Bear and the Ranger. Our kids aren't super familiar with Yogi Bear and his pic-a-nic basket but that didn't matter. Cayenne fell in love with all the characters within the first 5 minutes of being there and these places really are geared towards kids of all ages. There was an activity planned every hour it seemed and there were kids everywhere! Totally what these kids needed. It's not cheap by any means but we knew that this first celebratory event needed to be a good one. We knew Niko would miss his annual birthday party or get together. We also had no idea where we'd be on Halloween and if it would be possible for us to trick or treat (also a big tradition with kids in our old hood). Jellystone helped us meld those two worlds. There was a pool, a hot tub, a jumping pillow, a gaming area, pool table, foosball table, ping pong, movie nights, trick or treating, site decorating, costume contests and more! 




It was a huge success! Cayenne was entertained with the pumpkin painting, story time and magic pumpkins with Boo Boo while the boys rode bikes, met new friends, jumped for hours on the jumping pillow and watched late night Halloween themed movies. We even won 3 awards! Cayenne and I won best pumpkin decorating for kids under 5, Edson, Cayenne and I won best family costume and Reno got 3rd place in his age group for his costume. Woot woot! Two Yogi Bear medals and a Halloween stencil (ha!) and we were on our way. I mean I would've preferred a free night stay but the medals and stencil will do, I guess. :)

Cayenne is infatuated with all of them.
My masked men. They look so big!
Our medal and C chewing on a tootsie roll.
Our campsite decorations. We made tombstones and ghost milk jugs. That was our art project for a week! :)
Candy-sorting. A favorite pastime.
Niko enjoying his birthday present! 
Happy Birthday to Niko! Still can't believe we have an 11 year old. Happy Halloween!