November 6, 2016

The Big Bend

Driving to Big Bend was a nail-biter. It was a situation where one would really question if you should just turn around and head back. One might think there is a strong possibility you made a wrong turn and are in the middle of Mexico. You might wonder if you have enough gas, food, water and an emergency radio because you haven't seen any sign of life for 2 hours. Yes, it was that kind of drive. 

I can only tell you that when we got closer to Big Bend National Park and actually saw a gas station and a convenience type store there was a huge sigh of relief. It was a quiet sigh as to not alarm the kiddos, but nonetheless a sigh. As we pulled into the surprisingly full RV Park in Lajitas, TX Reno even commented that he couldn't believe there were other "crazy people like us" there. "I can't believe other people go to the middle of nowhere to see something, too!" HA! Good observation kid. 

We were quite literally less than a mile away from Mexico. A kayak, canoe or some other small raft would've easily taken us across the Rio Grande into Mexican territory. I kept waiting for someone to run across the road as we were driving or at least see someone trying to swim across the infamous border. Didn't happen. Either way, it prompted the kids asking questions about Donald Trump and his proposed wall. F.U.N. NOT!

The Rio Grande! Something we've heard about since elementary school. That's Edson right by it. I kept telling him not to get too close. His skin is too tan-- they might think he just left Mexico!

Selfie with the Rio Grande!
We spent many days hiking, biking and exploring Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park. It's huge. It was our first National Park and we were pumped. We are basing a good amount of our big adventure around the National Parks. We also have a very proud 4th grader who gets us all in free! If you haven't heard about Every Kid in a Park check it out. It's an awesome program and the timing couldn't be better. Our first day to the National Park was also Niko's actual 11th Birthday so it was just an overall celebratory day. It helped that we had breakfast for dinner (per Niko's request). A meal of Daddy's specialty chocolate chip pancakes.  

This post is one of those that pictures do the best job telling the story. Hope you enjoy the natural beauty as there was so much of it. The river, the mountains, the desert. Incredible! (Note: Be sure to read all the captions below the pictures)

Excited to be there! Reno (who hates bugs) was busy looking at some creepy crawly. 

Yes, please. This is a rest area. I'll take a teepee!

Reno worried about wasps. This kid!

My hiking buddy- this is how she rode every time we hiked. PHEW!

Hot Springs @Big Bend National Park

Pine Canyon

The view from our RV
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  1. Oh my...such beautiful pictures! Doesn't even look real. I was LOL at your description of the Rio Grande! Too funny.❤

    1. We kept saying that we didn't think the pictures do it justice, either. It was incredibly beautiful! Love that I gave you a good laugh!

  2. So beautiful! I love all the fun you are having. This place looks better than Carlsbad.😊