December 4, 2016

Day Trippin' to Bandelier & Valles Caldera

These places definitely deserve their own post. They are about an hour and a half outside Santa Fe. They are beautiful and just plain COOL. This post will be short and sweet and full of pictures. A good break from my normal wordy ones.

Bandelier National Monument

To sit where ancestral pueblo people lived hundreds of years ago is pretty unbelievable. We did that. We passed by their kivas, their central plaza and went into what was once their homes.

Inside a cliff dwelling-- beautiful view

Cayenne making herself comfortable-- She thinks she can live in one of the cliff dwellings.


Valles Caldera National Preserve

We arrived at the nation's newest National Preserve ready to see something amazing and that it was. We again stood where over a million years ago the super volcano erupted and created a breathtaking 13-mile depression. It was our first snow sighting, too. Double whammy!

They were so excited to see snow/ice. This is Reno throwing snow at the car! 

Karate kid pose

Cheers to America's beautifully historical places!

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