December 14, 2016

Day Trippin' to White Sands

We left Santa Fe and were headed to Tucson, Arizona. We needed an overnight stop to break up the drive and visiting White Sands National Monument totally fit the bill. We found a Harvest Host winery stop but when we arrived we immediately made a u-turn and decided to find another place to park for the night. It looked like an abandoned shed and not so much a winery. I'm not one to judge but think the sign was being held up by a piece of string, too. Yep- not so much. We found an RV park about 10 minutes down the road, parked The Big B, borrowed sleds from the front office and headed to White Sands as we only had a couple hours of daylight left. We were also really thankful that no missile testing was going on that day (that really happens). That would've been a big bummer.
When we pulled up we were totally caught off guard by just how busy this place was. It was by far the busiest monument/park we've been to. There was a huge car line just to get past the ranger station. When we finally made our way through we drove in and were immediately reminded of the sand dunes we'd seen in the Outer Banks. Oh, but wait-- there's no ocean! It was so strange to see these dunes in the middle of the desert and let's be honest, in the middle of nowhere. Hope you enjoy the pictures. We LOVED this place!

Daddy surfing- Mommy's bad photography (I didn't want to get run over!)
This kid wore his ski goggles (too funny!) and was having the time of his life!
Waxing his board

Edson and I took turns going down and then back up the hill- it wasn't easy pulling a 2 year old!
Even Cola got it on the fun!

It was so fun! Snow sledding isn't on the agenda this winter as we do our best to stay away from freezing temperatures. This was as good as it gets, if not better!