March 8, 2016

A Tangled Web We Weave

It's amazing. I've written how many posts? Umm like 4. People have come from everywhere to tell me about their experiences and I've ultimately found some really cool stuff, inspiring people and awesome programs. People I know on facebook have messaged me telling me their story or the story of people they know who have left the crazy life behind in search of something new.

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I decided it was worth writing about. If you consider yourself an adventurer (or yearn to be one like me) then check these things out. It's worth it.


It talks about the power of positive words.

My Wander Year

This is for people looking to spend a year abroad even families! You better believe I immediately jumped on this opportunity when I saw it. The minimum age requirement is 8 so little girl makes it a bit impossible for that. I corresponded with them a bit and they are looking to do shorter programs with no age requirements in the near future. I subsequently wrote them a short novel about how I can help and that what they were doing was my passion. I couldn't help myself. No response from them. Oh well! We are starting our own adventure but will keep an eye on this for sure.

Fulltime Families

A high school friend told me about her family doing this a couple years ago. They sold their 2500 sq.ft. house and moved into a 250 sq.ft. RV. She has 2 kids (just had the 2nd one) and has one small storage unit that they will get rid of once the baby is older. I can't even imagine! I'm going through our 1200 sq.ft house and it's insane!

All I can say is Amazeballs. Hope this inspires you!

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