March 24, 2016

Ode to Burke, VA

An Ode to Burke, Virginia

White picket fences, smiling hellos, you were the perfect place for our family to grow
It's just that we've realized now it is time to go
A new adventure, a journey towards the unknown
We can only hope someone will throw us a bone

All three kids began their lives here
Because of that we consumed lots of beer*
Amazing neighbors and really great friends
We've questioned our decision to make it all end

Good Ole' Burke Viriginy, you are the epitome of suburbia
Community pools and walking paths at every turn
High home costs that leave you with no money to burn

The over-involved nature of this place 
Has made me get wrinkles on my face
Everyone's kids are into everything
Every kid plays sports and an instrument
Oh wait- that's not it!
Don't forget self defense and swim team
It really just makes me want to scream
We have to split up and cart them around
Saying "I'll see you later, I'm activity-bound!"

We are off to try a more laid back life
One where are pockets are full and my husband gets to see his wife
In spite of it all we always had a ball
We'll miss you NOVA
Don't forget to call

I look in the rear view with tears in my eyes
And all we can do is wave GOOD BYE!
PEACE OUT is what we say when we turn and drive away
Burke, Virginia... We WILL be back again someday!

* Beer was not consumed in the making of this blog post

A few of our last pics...


  1. Funny, that is why Harold and I decided to move to the PNW... more laid back environment and less of a rat race for parents and kids alike! It's not as laid back as RV'ing full time, but it's funny we had the same "issues" with NoVA.

    1. I knew I liked you @Jeanius! I have no idea where we will end up but at least we'll know we tried something different. Ya' know?