March 21, 2016

Make New Friends But Keep the Old...

It is CRAZY how many of my friends ended up in Northern Virginia. I moved up here having one person. I now have 3 close friends from FL that live here. We have close friends that even moved over from the UK (and live on our street!) and we've made a lot of other wonderful friends over the past 12 years. One might ask: Why are you leaving all that?!

Don't get it twisted here folks, I have my doubts regularly. It is going to be so hard to leave this place. I've cried often (often as in daily at this point) when going through all the donations, stuff to sell and the boxes that will go to storage and to FL. We are downsizing a lot. We can't take everything. The tears I've cried are good tears. I have fond memories of this place and always will. It's hard to take apart a home you've put together just how you want it. The hardest for me is the baby's room. The hubs reminds me it's all stuff- they are just things. I will rebuild the perfect room again.

We are leaving because we need to. After one of my seriously overwhelmed sessions my husband asked me "Would yo be happy if we stayed another 10 years?" My response: Ummm no. This is a calling. It's something we have to do. One of our neighbors and friends said it best when she said "it seems like you are following an inner instinct." She is right. We can always come back.

Do you have a calling? Some inner voice telling you that you are supposed to be doing something else?

My friends: I say DO IT! Follow your heart and make your dreams come true no matter your circumstance. Things won't necessarily be easy along the way (I can attest to that) but we are hoping that the end goal makes it all worth it. A true sense of accomplishment. There will always be people you will miss when you move onto different things. The people that matter most will always be in touch in one way or another. It can be days, months or even years before you reconnect but those good friendships will have a way of feeling like you are right back where you left off. Can you tell I keep repeating the above in my head? Welcome to my self-talk.

More to come amigos. A few notes on what's been happening in our world:
  • Getting shot records, physicals, doc records for the kiddos school registration
  • Signing kids up for sports in FL
  • Finding FREE boxes- CVS, Vitamin Shoppe were my best bets
  • Organizing and Donating
  • Signing paperwork with United Mayflower
  • Packing!
  • Researching Uhaul options for the stuff we will need while in FL and looking into shipping E's car so we can ride together and avoid the 2 car drive down
  • Getting application process going with Property Management company and potential renters
  • Ordering new fridge! Setting up delivery
  • Painting downstairs
  • Taking stuff off walls, filling holes
  • Giving away everything-- it really does seem like EVERYTHING! 
I am a mess...

It's going to get better, right?! Our house isn't ours anymore. It's been taken over by the packing junk monsters. I need a seat, next to a pool with a cocktail in hand. Eyes on the prize here people. 

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