March 22, 2016

Adios Cortes Family!

Our friends hosted a going away party for us and it was WONDERFUL! I cried like a baby, but it was still amazing.  It was a semi-surprise. I knew something was going on but didn't know who would be involved, where it was, etc. Being the planner that I am I interrogated a number of suspects to try and find out information.

Friends and neighbors gathered to wish us well. There was a ton of food, music and good people. I mean you really can't ask for more. The icing on the cake came when our dear friend, Bernard (pronounced Buuuuuuhhh-nuuuuud) stood up to speak. We believe he was nominated due to his smart use of quotes and British accent. He talked about friendship and family and what we meant to them. Cynthia and Jorge Castro also stood up and spoke about friendship and gave us well wishes on our brave new adventure and told us to enjoy each other and our time together. Diyas, one of our neighbors stood up to say he was happy that when we used to all be outside watching the kids when they were younger I would be the 'mean' one that would call the night. It was hilarious and a great laugh to wrap things up. Countless others told us that they would've stood up to speak if it weren't for the insane amount of tears and lack of coherent speech that would've ensued. Thank goodness they didn't. I would've been swimming in salty tears.

The kiddos

Rayan's guilty face is amazing!
Oshi and Jen

My cutie Cai hitting up the dessert table for cookies and uvas (grapes)

My Ma and Miss Margie 

Payam and the kiddos

Hopi (baby-toting), Drana, Edson, Jorge and Evan

There were lots of laughs, too!


They presented us a frame everyone signed with a pic of our house

The only one looking is me (and I am bright red from all the tears!)

All photos courtesy of Mr. James Cowgill :)

Niko and Reno have grown up in this house and this neighborhood. This place and these people have been a HUGE part of our lives. To say we were incredibly touched by the party is an understatement. It meant so much to us and I only wish we had more pictures (before the tears began I should point out). It meant so much so that Edson stood up to say thank you to everyone and tell them all how much they've meant to us. These people became our family when we started here alone. They will continue to be family even when we are gone.People keep telling us they are happy for us because at least we will be around family. It's a funny thing to me because we've created a family in Northern VA.

I'd like to say we will come back to live, but I don't know if we will and if we did I know it wouldn't be the same. I'm going to hold onto the memories. There are LOTS of good ones.


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